Fabriek Logistiek: the hub of industrial efficiency in Ghent

On 30/01/2024, we visited Fabriek Logistiek, the first logistics testing ground in Belgium. With a little breakfast and a chat, we learn about the latest technologies for logistics optimization.

Located in Ghent, this facility has established itself as a hub of industrial efficiency, where logistical processes come together to support regional and international trade.

For the past year and a half, we have been one of the partners that help close the logistics chain. This interesting collaboration offers both LeanFlow and Fabriek Logistiek the opportunity to find local partners within the sector and gain ideas so that we can optimize our services.

Innovative Technologies

From advanced tracking systems to automated warehouse management systems, technology plays a key role in increasing efficiency and minimizing errors in the logistics chain. This enables Fabriek Logistiek to guarantee fast turnaround times while simultaneously reducing costs, which is crucial in today's market.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Fabriek Logistiek collaborates closely with local and international companies, carriers, and logistics service providers to offer seamless and integrated solutions. We are also part of this collaboration, working together with Blickle to present our AGV setup.