Company info

Mission & vision

LeanFlow wants to share its knowledge and experience in the field of improving production and logistics with the Flemish companies.

We do this not only by using the known toolboxes (5S, Lean, QRM, ...), but by giving all employees a means to introduce their own improvement ideas quickly and easily.

That is why LeanFlow also offers a modular tube construction system for Lean Manufacturing solutions in the field of workplace design, material storage, internal logistics & karakuri.

Our unique service

  • Extensive knowledge and experience in the field of process improvement. Knowledge and experience gained in Japan.
  • With the help of the karakuri philosophy, we create 'flow' in a natural way through your production and logistic processes. No complex and expensive automation, but handling of material on the basis of gravity, levers, cams and inertia.
  • Engage all your employees in the improvement process (bottom-up) using the pipe & joint tube construction system
  • In-house design
  • Shortest lead times
  • Central location
  • Collaboration according to your wishes: training, coaching, supply of base materials, design, construction, implementation, ...